Power Flushing Services

Why Get Your System Power Flushed?

Over time all hot water central heating systems start to build up sludge within them, this sludge will continue to increase as there is no way for it to dissipate and nowhere within the standard system for it to go.

As this sludge builds and builds it will start to restrict the flow of water throughout the system and thus reduce the efficiency of the central heating. A less efficient system will eventually contribute to higher fuel bills and in the long term will reduce the lifetime of the central heating system.

Replacing parts or even all of the system will certainly correct the issues caused by this build-up of sludge, however, a far more cost-effective solution is Power Flushing.

When carried out by an experienced operator, the power flushing of a system will dramatically increase it’s performance if not resolving any problems completely, improving efficiency and most importantly, extending the lifetime of a current system.

A full systems Power Flushing can be carried out relatively quickly, in most cases, the work can be completed within one day making the Power Flush an easy and cost-effective solution for anyone who feels their central heating is not working as efficiently as it should be.

Rolfe’s Heating offers a full Power Flushing service that is quick and easy to book in and costs from just £350 plus VAT, for more information, or to arrange a quote contact us today and we will be happy to help.